All paddlers must carry a Transport Canada approved life vest in their boat AT ALL TIMES. Life vests must be accessible and may NOT be attached to the boat. Boat cushions are not considered adequate flotation devices. Paddlers under 14 must wear life vests while in a boat. SUP paddlers must wear one while on the water.

All boats must keep within 200 meters of the East shore of the Lake except at the mouths of creeks. Keep to the right of all marker buoys.

To ensure the safety of all participants, we will have patrol boats stationed along the course each day staffed by professional personnel and other volunteers. Safety boats with communication devices are prepared to offer assistance.

Officials reserve the right to:

  1. disqualify a boat, delay, shorten or stop the event at any time due to wind, weather or other conditions;
  2. require paddlers to accept a tow, land their boat or leave the race if, in their opinion, the safety of either the paddlers in question or others are being jeopardized;
  3. disqualify any paddler who, in their opinion, is interfering with or disregarding any safety procedure;
  4. require paddlers to WEAR their life vests;
  5. take any action they deem necessary to ensure the safety of any or all participants. A boat carrying alcohol or recreational drugs will be automatically disqualified.

Cut-off times have been established for each day of racing to ensure that all paddlers and volunteers are off the water before dark. Paddlers failing to make these cut-offs will be required to pull out of the event for the day and will be listed as DNF “did not finish” for that day, and may paddle the next day in the Open Touring Class. Paddlers who do not make the cutoffs will not be eligible for mileage pins.

It is the responsibility of all participants to come to the aid of fellow paddlers if the need arises. Any racer endangering the safety of another contestant (i.e. bumping on a portage) will be disqualified from the race. Please note that race officials are the final arbiters on questions of safety, and all racers are required to follow their instructions at all times.
If the race is stopped or delayed your time will be recorded and you will be guided to a shore location to wait for further instructions.


Hosted by:

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association Columbia Basin Trust Organiser: Bill Pollock

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association




Ph: (250) 814-7473
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