Join us for three days of paddling and portaging through awesome snow-capped mountain scenery in the path of the Sinixt people; a great way to spend a family weekend.


August 17 – 19, 2018

Join us on this three-day, 125 kilometer (78-mile) flat water journey following the original route of David Thompson on the Columbia River now known as Lake Revelstoke. 

The route parallels highway 23 between the snow-capped Selkirk and Monashee mountains. It begins at Mica Creek, 143 km north of Revelstoke, and ends at the 5 mile boat launch near Revelstoke Dam about 10 km north of Revelstoke. There are 7 short mandatory portages totaling 5 km, most of which are on parts of the old “Big Bend” roadway between the lake and highway 23.

The event offers a singular opportunity for canoe racers to test their skill and endurance on a challenging course, and for recreational paddlers to experience adventure and friendly competition amid some of the most breathtaking scenery in Canada.

The David Thompson Paddlesport Classic welcomes canoes, kayaks, row-boats and stand-up paddleboards in many age, family and gender classes. There is a group for everyone! Those interested in paddling only one day are welcome on Sunday. Pit crews are welcome, but for those who don’t have a pit crew, busses will return paddlers to the start line each day.

Thanks for such a great experience.

A. N.

Vernon, BC

Thanks Bill for putting on this great event. Not only did you make the weather cooperate but you had an amazing team of volunteers that made this a most memorable race for me.

K. R.

Vancouver, BC

Thank you to the stellar organizers of this amazing event!

C. R.

Revelstoke, BC


Hosted by:

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association
Columbia Basin Trust
Organiser: Bill Pollock


Ph: (250) 814-7473
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Revelstoke Paddlesport Association