The David Thompson Paddlesport Classic offers a variety of boat classes, described in detail below. When choosing a canoe, kayak or SUP for this event all paddlers should consider boats that are stable enough to handle the windy conditions often found on the Lake from time-to-time. They should also be light enough to transport over the race’s many portages, one of which is more than one kilometer in length. Certain modifications may be made to boats, such as stretching material over, or placing flotation bags in, canoes. Please note that all modifications are subject to the approval of the boat judge.
These guidelines have been written as specifically as possible, but all racers should note that the on-site boat judge is the final arbiter of all class decisions. If you have any questions call the race hotline at (250) 814-7473.


Wheels have become more popular in recent years and can be especially helpful since most of the portaging is on old abandoned roads. Racers who opt to use wheels must carry the wheels and all associated equipment with them during the entire race. A sub class may be developed for crews using wheels.


3-DAY OPEN TOURING: The largest and most popular class in the event. Non-competitive participant category for canoes, kayaks and SUP’s. No unlimited kayaks or amateur class canoes are permitted in open touring. No age or gender divisions and no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-place awards will be given. You are in it to finish. Times will be kept. This group of paddlers will start first each day and must make cut-off times to finish each day.
1-DAY OPEN TOURING: Same as above for first-timers only. Sunday only.
C-1 AMATEUR: One person in a solo racing boat (concave gunwales).
C-1 STOCK: Maximum length – 17′, Tumblehome not to exceed 3.5″ per side. No minimum weight. The current C-1 Stock list includes GRB Newman Designs: Classic and Classic XL; Wenonah: Advantage, Prism, Encounter and Solitude; Sawyer: Summer Song, DY Special and Shock Wave; Savage River: Otegan (modified); Bell: Magic; Mad River: Independence; Clipper: Freedom.
C-1 RECREATION: Any canoe or sea kayak of any material with a maximum length of 16′ and a minimum width at the 4″ waterline of 22″. Must use double bladed paddle.
C-2 AMATEUR: Included in this class are WENONAH SCR’S (Standard Class Racers); COMP cruisers; Jensen VI; Jensen P3; and 3 x 27’s. If it looks like a racing canoe with concave gunnels, it is.
C-2 STOCK: Included in this class are hulls similar to the Jensen 18. There are minimal concave lines in the hull and no concave lines in the gunwales. Maximum length is 18’6″, no minimum weight. Minimum width at 4″ waterline is 15 percent of length (33 5/16″ for 18’6″). Tumblehome max is 1″ per side. The current C-2 Stock list includes: Wenonah: Jensen 17, Jensen 18, Jenson WWII, Sundowner, Minnesota II, Monarch, Odyssey, Escape, and Escapade; GRB Newman Designs: Traveler 17’5″, Traveler 18’6″, Monarch; Mad River: Lamoille, Horizon; Bell Canoe Works: Northstar, Northwind and Northwoods; Savage River Works: Susquehanna.
C-2 RECREATION: Maximum length – 17’6″. Weight – minimum of 55 pounds from the manufacturer. Race organizer discretion: If it looks like a racing canoe, it is not a recreational canoe. Any boats made specifically for racing are excluded from this class.
C-2 FAMILY: Must be related, with one paddler 11 to 16 years of age. Recreation or Stock boats only.
C-3 FAMILY: Must be related, with one paddler 10 years old or younger – or a pet (on a leash). Recreation or Stock boats only. Paddlers 10 and under must WEAR a life vest while in the canoe.
C-4 STOCK CLASS: In an effort to make the competition about the team of paddlers and not the boat, organizers have identified the most readily available boats to base class specifications upon. Boats must weigh a minimum of 55 pounds, and be designed by the manufacturer to accommodate 4 paddlers. Wenonah’s Minnesota 3 (with 4 seats) and Minnesota 4 are built primarily for back country travel but perform admirably in a competitive event against similar craft. Boats of similar design to the Minn 3 and 4 must be inspected and be approved by the boat judge.
Specific hull measurements:
A. Maximum length of 23’1″,
B. Minimum width at the center line, at the 4″ water line is 33″, at both the gunwales and 4″ waterline.
C. Minimum width at the 4″ waterline – 4 feet in from the bow is 16″, 4 feet in from the stern is 17″.
D. There is no concavity in the longitudinal axis of the hull (bow to stern) and no concavity in the cross section (side to side) below the 7″ waterline. There are minimal concave lines in the hull and no concave lines in the gunwales.
E. Minimum depths from the manufacturer: Bow = 20″, Center = 13½”, Stern = 17″.
C-4 UNLIMITED CLASS: Maximum length of 25’11”, Minimum weight 50 pounds. Boat must be built to accommodate 4 paddlers. Minimum width at the widest point from gunwale to gunwale is 32″. No concavity along the length of the gunwale from bow to stern. Minimum depth: Bow = 17″, Center =12½”, Stern = 13½”. Paddlers must use canoe paddles. One of a kind boats are permitted. There will be only one C-4 unlimited class including men, women and mixed teams.
STANDARD VOYAGEUR CANOE: Minimum of 6 paddlers in a canoe built to meet the following specifications: Maximum length 28′, Minimum width at gunwales and 6″ waterline 39″, Minimum depth of 14″.
OPEN VOYAGEUR CANOE: Minimum of 7 paddlers in a boat built to accommodate them – No restrictions!
K-1 TOURING KAYAK: Kayaks of any material with a maximum length of 20′ and a minimum width at the 4″ waterline of 18″.
K-1 UNLIMITED KAYAK: Kayak over 20’ long and/or less than 18” wide at the 4” waterline, includes Surfskis.
K-2 TWO-PERSON KAYAK: Two people in any kayak.


For each boat class except the open class there will be gender and age classes provided there are a minimum of 3 boats in the class. Otherwise classes will be combined.
GENDER: Male, female and mixed.
AGE: OPEN: Under 40; MASTERS: 40 +; SENIORS: 60 +; SUPER VETERANS: 75+  Age class must be based on the youngest person in the boat (C2 stock, touring kayak and C4 stock classes only).

Hosted by:

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association Columbia Basin Trust Organiser: Bill Pollock

Revelstoke Paddlesport Association




Ph: (250) 814-7473
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